Universal waterproof case, Remax RT-W2, For 5″, Black – 51514

Universal waterproof case, Remax RT-W2, For 5″, Black – 51514

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Κωδικός: 50-bgn-51514-51514 |  UPC/EAN:



  • Waterproof phone bag, perfect fits for phone under 5-inch, could be used within 20 meters area.Strong seal, the switch buckle is tight enough to protect your phone in the water.
  • Airbag design, the bag could be float in the water, besides, it is shockproof and bumping resistance.
  • High sensitive PVC materials, you could still take beautiful photos easily while the phone is in the bag.
  • Auto-untie safe buckle, if the lanyard make you choke in the water, the buckle would untie itself.


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